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Best known for his work on the Fully Charged Show, the world’s #1 EV and green energy media Youtube channel, Jack has quickly established himself as a rising star in the world of motoring journalism thanks to his trademark blend of humour, charisma, depth of knowledge and clarity of communication.

Jack has extensive experience hosting live events, most notably through the global Everything Electric expos, where he ably chairs panel discussions on an array of subjects around EVs and sustainability. He also conducts one to one interviews with high-profile guests and even dabbles in a bit of live onstage cooking.

Jack is also an experienced actor and comedy performer, with multiple professional theatre productions to his name. He recently gained is motorbike license and is ready to explore the world on two wheels where he can.

Jack has worked extensively with children of all ages, and worked for two years as an educational public speaker in secondary schools. 

Outside of his pasion for comedy, cars and sustainability, Jack is an avid football fan, keen fitness enthusiast, dog fanatic and mediocre pianist, oh and he has 10 years experience kick boxing! 




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Presenter and Writer

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