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Don Wales is the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell ME and the nephew of Donald Campbell CBE, who between them broke over 21 World Land and Water Speed records in their Bluebird cars and boats. Don has also continued the family Record breaking business and currently holds the World Land Speed record for a car powered by steam! He has also broken the Electric car record and the Guinness World record for a ride on lawn mower!

On January 4th, 1967, Donald Campbell was killed on Coniston Water whilst attempting to break his own water speed record of 276 mph. Bluebird K7 was lifted from the bottom of Coniston in 2001. The family gifted the wreck to the Ruskin Museum in Coniston in the knowledge that a team in Newcastle would restore her back to how she was on January 4th, 1967.

Don was determined to fulfil the family promise of displaying his Uncles’ record breaking boat in Coniston. On March 9th  2024 this was finally achieved with a large crowd cheering Bluebird home after an acrimonious battle lasting many years.

Don can give talks on the history of Bluebird, the lives of Sir Malcolm and Donald Campbell. His own record-breaking achievements showing team building, inspiration, determination and true British spirit and endeavour.



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World Land Speed Record Holder in a Steam Car

Guinness World Record Holder

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