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Amandine is a French professional voice over artist, TV actress and stage comedian. Fluent in English and Spanish, she voiced and acted in short movies, TV series on the French Riviera and Commercials in France.

Amandine graduated in the UK with a Business Management Degree. After years of travelling and interviewing Leaders in the Financial Sectors worldwide, and years of voice & stage acting, her background is as diverse as the projects she can perform.

Her voicework includes Commercials, Documentaries, Narrations, TV, Web, Radio ads and Corporate movies and has worked with many International brands.

She is also the national female voice of established Electro Radio Station “FG DJ radio” in France where her voice is broadcast on all the jingles on a daily basis.

Her voice is recognised as warm, upbeat, friendly, charismatic, feminine.

Passionate about sports and dance since she was a kid, Amandine did martial arts (completing her 1st Dan Karate black belt at the of 18!) and is a continuing dancer of flamenco and urban dances. Her energy levels never seem to go down and she is always keen to take on new challenges!




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