Tom Brooks

Loudspeaker Talent Agency - Tom Brooks


Tom began his career in radio at the age of 13 as a presenter for a local station. Five years later, he decided to move into commentary and specifically within the motorsport sector, where he has since gone onto to work for clients including MotoGP, World Superbikes, Gran Turismo, Red Bull and more, providing a variety of services including television commentary, presenting/event hosting and voiceover work.

Thanks to his experience in a variety of different sectors, Tom has the ability to provide anything from audiobook readings to enthusiastic commentary on motorsport. He prides himself on a professional and reliable attitude to all situations and is a sucker for a terrible joke or pun! He is also an amateur racing driver, competing as part of a national rallycross championship with his own team.





<div id="comp-ks90zu9q3" class="_1Q9if" data-testid="richTextElement"><ul class="font_7"> <li><p class="font_7">Lead Commentator for World Superbikes (2018)</p>

<li><p class="font_7">Presenter/Event Host, Voiceover Artist and Lead Commentator for FIA Gran Turismo Championships (2018 - present)</p>

<li><p class="font_7">Voiceover Artist for MotoGP (2017)</p>

<li><p class="font_7">Presenter/Commentator for MotoGP eSport Championship (2017 - 2018)</p>

<li><p class="font_7">Co-host/Presenter for Red Bull Homestretch (2020 - present)</p>

<li><p class="font_7">Presenter/Commentator for TitansRX Europe (2019)</p>

<li><p class="font_7">Lead Commentator for FIA Motorsport Games (2019)</p>

<li><p class="font_7">Lead Commentator for 5 Nations British Rallycross Championship (2021 - present)</p>


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