Dan Williams

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With over 10 years of event hosting expertise, spanning extreme sports, rugby, wakeboarding, food and drink and corporate events Dan has a natural rawness and likeability that helps him draw in the crowds and engage with the audiences.

His  versatile take on all things hosting mean that he really can fit into any situation. where it be trackside at a motorsports event or hosting wine tastings for the corporate food and drink markets Dan will have you covered.

Dan has been fully immersed in to the world he is so passionate about, from being a County Capped Rugby player, Wakeboard Coach and Public speaker Dan knows what he is a talking about from both sides, giving him the depth of knowledge and passion to really bring any event to life!






Water Sports


UK British Wakeboard National Championships

Presenter and Commentator

Wentworth Golf Course

Live Event Host

Santa Pod Raceway

Presenter and Commentator

Arena Cross Wembley & NEC

Live Event Host

Haymarket Productions

Presenter for Hyundai

Live and Love Sounds -

Live Event Host

Camberley Net

Digital Presenter

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