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Alan is an experienced character actor and voice actor after 30 years in the industry and noted for his superb impersonations and comic timing. His work has covered Stage, TV, Film, Radio and VO. Recent TV was as disgruntled car dealer on Eastenders while he appeared opposite Millie-Bobby Brown as a suspicious Music Hall host in Enola Holmes 2. He was also in The Nautilus Mutiny (Winston Churchill) and Grey Matter both of which feature in 2022.

With Voice Over Alan has brought an upbeat energy and zest to his recording be they E Learning, Commercials. Narration or comedy! Initially doing commercials for INVICTA FM Alan has recently voiced commercials for Trusted House Sitters and Unite the Union, a charity appeal for London Air Ambulance and animations for Santa Academy, Mad About Dinosaurs & a confused Donald Trump learning Welsh in a in a spoof pilot for SC4 (BBC) Wales.

With his upbeat, warm and genuine quality to his voicework, Alan is a superb impressionist with over 100 voices & characters of every type! Ideal to bring a touch of zest & humour to a client message or a Christmas/Birthday greeting! Whether comic or straight Alan brings fidelity and truth to all his voice work.
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Mad About Dinosaurs

Character animation

The Miracle of George Green

Documentary-character Narration

London Air Ambulance


University for Law

E-Learning Voice Over

Goodbye, The After Life of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore


Trusted House Sitter

Commercial Voice Over

Christmas Celebrity Messages


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