India Pearson

India Pearson is a radio and TV presenter based on the Kent coast. Currently, India presents a weekly radio show for Aspen Waite Radio based on wellbeing and the environment. India’s passion for wellbeing and nature has led her to produce and host the podcast ‘Start a Ripple …’ which celebrates the power of moving …

Inês Fressynet

Inês is a trilingual journalist, producer and content creator from Paris, currently based in London. She works in French, Brazilian Portuguese and English. As the former managing editor and presenter of luxury, travel and lifestyle magazine “Living” at Euronews television (2017-2020), Inês has strong experience both in front and behind the camera. In this role, …

Esme Todd

Esme is a young, confident and passionate presenter from Bristol. Starting her presenting career at only 19, she has since built up a strong list of credits with many household names. Travelling around all corners of the UK. Esme loves meeting new people and working on a variety of different projects. With her clear voice …

Alex Outhwaite

Alex Outhwaite is an award nominated television presenter with shows broadcast in 30 countries including the UK, USA & Canada. Known for her adventure & travel TV shows highlighting lesser visited destinations

James Brown

James’s distinctive deep voice and clear RP accent has him in demand for voiceovers for both corporate work and audiobooks