Becs Williams

Becs is a broadcast journalist with over twenty years of experience within live television and radio. Her work has encompassed many roles as a commentator,

David Garrido

David is a broadcaster with more than 20 years’ experience in the sports industry, having worked primarily for the BBC and now for Sky Sports.

Emily Elias

Canadian born Emily began her career state side working as a reporter and presenter for various news broadcasts, self producing and writing scripts where necessary

Inês Fressynet

Inês is a trilingual journalist, producer and content creator from Paris, currently based in London. She works in French, Brazilian Portuguese and English. As the

Neil Cole

In motorsport, Neil has worked – either as presenter, commentator, producer or reporter – on ALL of the FIA World Championships – Formula One, WEC,

Nikki Dean

Nikki’s skills lie in communicating complicated topics in a fun but informed way, whilst her extensive Live TV experience mean she’s always ready for every

Steph Wentworth

Steph’s enthusiasm for motorsport prompted the creation of her YouTube channel, All About SteF1, which launched her into the presenting world. Steph is tri-lingual with