Ben Constanduros

Ben has been around sports broadcasting all his life, having grown up watching his father who is a much loved F1 commentator. Ben has very

Bryn Lucas

Bryn is the face of the British GT Championship, reporting on all the action from the pitlane, interviewing the drivers and hosting live unscripted grid

Chris McCarthy

Having started his career racing, Chris found his way initially to television production and then onto commentary. This background gives him a great deal of

Chris Stevens

When Chris was given the microphone at his podcast’s karting event at Buckmore Park, he discovered he had a knack for racing commentary. His background

David Addison

David went to his first motor race aged five and was hooked instantly! An avid fan, he began commentating in 1991 and has become one

George Morgan

Raised amongst sports and in particular horse racing it’s no surprise that George has a huge passion for sport, but, most notably Formula 1. Since

Harry Benjamin

Harry has been heard and seen working with a variety of brands and broadcasters including Formula 1,  Eurosport, CNN, Radio 5 Live and many more. You can’t miss him, standing at

Jack Cunnane

Jack began his commentary journey all the way back in 2016 for a small league on PlayStation. He has worked his way up through the

Jake Sparey

What started as a naive question from a 17 year old school student has now become a six year journey to this moment in time.