With over 30 years combined industry experience the team at LoudSpeaker Agency have worked in all areas of television and broadcast.

Radio, Live TV, Live events, Studio based, Corporate, News and more recently Online. There isn’t a format they haven’t either presented, produced or carried out interviews for.

When it comes to presentation, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure your delivery is informative, engaging and gets your message across with impact. Whether you are presenting or being interviewed, through customised courses our media coaches share the techniques required to prepare for any media. 

Our courses are totally customisable and can be run on a one to one or group basis. Let us help you to become an accomplished and confident performer.

We offer tailor made training solutions aimed at assisting clients to become more confident in any public speaking or media facing situation. Delivering speeches, being interviewed, engagement and presentation skills are the key elements of the course.

Whether you are new to presenting or a seasoned professional we are able to teach and refine your skills in order to ensure you are at the top of your game.
This course is aimed at athletes who are faced with speaking to the media, being interviewed for TV, Radio or print as well as focusing on managing social media content.

Our trainers carry between them degrees in Acting, Teaching & Media and have unrivalled experience in the media industry. Using their deep journalistic experience to provide athletes, sports teams and businesses with techniques and guidance for maximising their media potential.

Having been trained themselves by top English and American coaches over the years they are equipped and indeed experienced in training others and ensuring their clients come away with new found confidence and techniques in order to make their mark when faced with the challenges of the media and public speaking.

  • Overcome fears and hesitations about being on camera
  • Learn to structure your talking points and increase your engagement
  • Understand how to interpret a question and answer it without deviating from the subject matter
  • Eliminate awkwardness and learn how to connect with your audience
  • Get to know your ticks and habitual behaviours and learn to minimise them when presenting
  • Handling online and virtual presenting