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7 schools, 1 GCSE, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADAD. Oliver was told he would “Never make it to College let alone University” … He did both.

Growing up as a military child means regularly moving all over the world. That constant change teamed with being neurodiverse meant that education and learning in the ‘normal way’ was never Oliver’s forte…

Coping mechanisms and an outlook on life that differed to the norm, meant that businesses and the world of entrepreneurship seemed a natural fit for Oliver, albeit unplanned.

From being dropped down a year at school to ultimately leaving school with 1 GCSE the world of employment looked tricky.

Having always had an eye for creativity and asking ‘why’, Oliver has always had a natural ability to start and (sometimes) grow businesses from a very young age. Oliver’s first business started with selling vegetables to passers by on the street aged 12.

Now the founder and CEO of multi-million pound agency PinPoint Media, Oliver puts it down to his ability to go against the grain of education and that of the chip on his shoulder that was slowly chiseled away during school.

Oliver, a believer that the education system needs to be more accessible and adaptable to individuals of all backgrounds and neurological abilities, often speaks publicly about how it was College and University that really allowed ‘education’ to take place.

Having started multiple businesses, one of which secured and then lost a £12million order, just weeks after launch, Oliver, aged 29, claims that he’s been on the most expensive, yet valuable, MBA anyone can do.

Success in life is subjective, but what isn’t subjective is the determination and want to make something bigger than the sum of its own parts.

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  • Campaign Publishing Business Podcast of the year
  • Gloucestershire Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2021
  • IoD Young Director of the Year
  • FSB Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • FSB High Growth Business of the Year
  • South West 42 under 42
  • GBEA 2020 Pivot Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Princes Trust & Gloucestershire University Mentor