Isi Browning

  • Content Creator
  • Presenter

An emerging talent, Isi is a bubbly presenter with a passion for many forms of Motorsport and an enthusiastic presentation style. Her outgoing personality, coupled with a love of the sport has given her a keenness to share all aspects of the sport with new and existing fans alike.

Whilst studying for a degree in Psychology, she began making videos across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to share her knowledge and make her mark on the motorsport world. Amassing over 255,000 views on TikTok and over 60,000 views on Instagram in just 8 months, she quickly built an audience who appreciated her fresh, informative, and engaging style, with her series ‘Who’s who in F2?’ being particularly popular.

Isi’s introduction to motorsport was through Formula 1 originally but that has expanded and she has knowledge of multiple racing series and is always keen for new challenges. She has interviewed key figures in motorsport for her blog, finding a passion in telling the stories behind the people in motorsport and connecting quickly with interviewees, ensuring engaging conversations.


  • eSports
  • Gen Z
  • Motorsport


  • Girls on Pole – Presenter
  • EverythingF1 – TikTok
  • Girls on Track UK – Social Media Presenter
  • F1 byisi – You tube, Tiktok, Instagram
  • Formula Women – Webinar Host