Cayana Freeman

  • Presenter

Cayana is a confident multilingual presenter (English, German and French) from London with a passion for pop culture, sport and in particular football and Formula 1. Already her credits include presenting science shows for the BBC, youth quiz content, and producing her own interview series.

She grew up in a bilingual home in Germany in a family of musicians and started performing on stage at just two years of age. Cayana plays several musical instruments and has travelled extensively allowing her to have a good understanding of different cultures. A graduate in international business studies, Cayana is highly versatile and capable of presenting a broad rage of content.

With over 1 million views on Tiktok Cayana has her feet firmly set as an emerging Gen Z talent. Her ability to create content for digital platforms, to work with a full broadcast team all whilst using her linguistic skills will see this young talent see stardom.


  • Automotive
  • Children's TV
  • Economy & Business
  • Education
  • Festivals
  • Football
  • Gen Z
  • Languages
  • Lifestyle
  • Live Events
  • Motorsport
  • Music
  • Youth


  • BBC Bitesize
  • Formula One Fan Stage – Live Host in English and French
  • The Beautiful Game, Quiz Show
  • Cayana’s Curious Chats, Youtube Series
  • TikTok Live Prresenter, Madein London
  • Ghost Town, Documentary
  • Uni Foodies, Ravensbourne Uni
  • Student Price Quiz Show, Ravensbourne Uni